亡国のイージス - Wikipedia

■Fears of the people in Ki in Classical China, the falling sky.

If the missile of North Korea falls in the metropolitan area in Japan and cause some casualties, it will change the "air" of Japan nation.

The range of North Korean missile is called to be 12,000 kilometers. It is necessary for them to show that it has development capability of the missile that can carry the nucleus aiming at the United States east coast. This is a very dangerous demonstration.

China and Russia state that they support the North Korea space development project. "Satellite" has to be allowed only to be flown for the west if the both countries do so.

The missile is launched as it is oppositely. The missile might go through defense systems of double, triple net in Japan. And people's posture to North Korea, China, and Russia changes into the splinter greatly if falling. Have the leaders of China predict this kind of dangerous situation for supporting North Korea?